Celebrities are totally capable of being the worst


Decade-old rumors have recently resurfaced claiming that Bill Cosby is a rapist. Having played one of America’s most loved TV Dads and over-all hilariously sweet man, this is hard for some of us to believe because of the characters of his that we have come to love and trust. But that’s exactly who it is we love unconditionally – his characters.

Arguments have set fire all over the internet, a war between the ones accusing him and the ones adamantly defending him. “Bill Cosby would never do this,” some insist. “The women are just looking for attention. He’s just not that kind of person.”  Although their loyalty is sweet at best, my whole thing is like: how the hell could you know that, man?

We barely know the people we work with, let alone people we’ve never met. And even if you did  “meet” them that one time, at that one place — it still doesn’t count. You’re not friends, dude. Yes, they could totally be a horrible person. Your refusal to accept that means that their fame has blinded you, and honestly that’s kinda frightening.

You remember Michael Jackson, right? The claims against him have been going on for forever (even beyond death), and for forever is how long his most loyal of fans will vow that he did no wrong. But what’s at the base of their faith?

It worries me that people are so passionate about dismissing these claims against world-renowned names, because this means that they’re even quicker to defend someone closer to them. As an avid Dr.Phil fan, I’ve watched countless episodes where children have accused their family members of molesting them, but the rest of their family insisted that it was not true. How could they have known? Just because it’s sick doesn’t mean it wouldn’t hit close to home, and there you have it: absolute denial.

This is very dangerous, you guys.

Our unhealthy unconditional love for celebrities is getting out of hand. The truth is, you don’t know Bill Cosby. You don’t know Michael Jackson. Woody Allen is not your friend, and you can’t speak on behalf of Polanski. You don’t know. You weren’t there. Your admiration doesn’t make them innocent.

And what if it’s true? Imagine the pain the victims are going through, only to be left alone in the dark with the message that they are hated for being wronged.

Is it possible that it’s not true? Sure. But you don’t know either way. This is important to understand, because there are so many victims out there who have truly been abused and nobody will believe them. Don’t leave them to suffer.