Missed Connections of Craigslist

The only way to really see into a person’s soul is to look directly into their eyes – or read their Craigslist posting.

Skimming through Missed Connections is my favorite past-time, next to eating Tacos (and I already did that earlier). But often in the hustle and bustle of life, I get distracted and let the months go by before plugging back into the fantastic world of the internet that is CL.

This year, my goal is to read the Missed Connections section as often as possible. The raw, fascinating desire that each person has to get online and submit a post in the very unlikely chance that they’ll get a hold of someone they crossed paths with is such a fresh emotion to me. Sometimes I even wonder: could someone be looking for me? An eery thought would first be my reaction, but then I’m pretty sure I’d be flattered. I imagine it’d be something like:

saw you at Wholefoods. you were pacing back and forth n the cheese aisle trying to decide if you should buy a bag of crostini to go with your canadian brie. I said that you should go for it because you only live once, and you said that someone could find that offensive if they believed in reincarnation. i asked you if that was true, like if you really believed in reincarnation and you said that you’d like to think of yourself as a secular humanist but “you never know.” we shared a laugh and you accidentally let out kindof a weird squeal but i said it was cute and you said you had to go cuz Dr.Phil was about to come on. i would really like to c u again, maybe grab a salad cuz you also mentioned you’re trying to lose weight.


Happy New Year, Chai’ers!