Why having a New Years Resolution is wack

Before you make your promises to start eating salads and stop watching The Bad Girls Club in 2015 – stop for a second and consider this: don’t make a resolution at all.

The word resolution means to solve a problem, and the first issue I have with a New Years Resolution is that you’re essentially telling yourself that you’ve got a lot a problem to fix, and fast. And that sounds pretty messed up.

If you genuinely want to change something, being excited about it is the first Must.  Need to get better at getting in shape? Think about all the IG Likes you’ll get with your gym pics! I don’t know; something like that. There’s an upside to it all. By dreading it, it will not become a permanent positive change.

So what’s the alternative? Short-term goals. As boring as the term is, you’d be surprised how great it works. Preparing yourself for a week of success sounds way easier than an entire year, right? After that week is over, maybe you’ll be psyched for the next week, or month. Or few months. After a while, you’ll notice that it’s less of a goal and more of a habit. You’ll also notice that when those inevitable unsuccessful days come, it will be less upsetting since you have placed less pressure on yourself.

Have a fantastic 2015 my liege, and don’t drop kick yourself on the bad days.