No, I don’t want to be your chubby, less-hot friend.

If someone you chill with offers to give you “a makeover” without an invitation, tell them yes. Ask them to hand you the lipstick then kiss them goodbye, because they need to get to steppin’.  You don’t need that negativity in your life, boo.

Since Middle School, I’ve felt like “The Reacher” in my squad. Some of my friends the people I would hang with would often give me a side-eye that was filled with both embarrassment and excitement. They were embarrassed because sometimes I wore (bad ass) dresses with lace and pins from Hot Topic, and they were excited because it gave them a chance to feel better about themselves. They’d dress me up just enough to pass as “cool” enough to hang out with them, but they still had to leave a little bit of ugly so that no one could surpass them because I guess they had to be the most popular out of the group. Wait. That was the plot in Mean Girls.

But it really did happen to me IRL (many, many times).

Don’t let it happen to you. How? Well, you heard it here: anyone who tries to put you down is not a happy person. This means that they’re trying to make themselves feel better by crapping on others, and guess what? You’re not going to be the crap-ee. You have better things to do, like hang out with actual happy people and do what happy people do. Why do you think they call it *Happy Hour?

Let’s cut to the gist: when you feel down on yourself, you become either:
Regina George – The one who preys on others
Cady Heron – The one who changes themselves for others

In a world full of Mean Girls, I really hope that you’ll learn to love yourself and be a Michelle Obama.  If anyone ever tries to “fix” you,  twirl on those haters, because you are a Goddess.

*”Happy Hour” doesn’t actually mean that everyone there is happy. Well, maybe, between 3-7pm. But once those appetizers become full price, you will see what I mean.