Why Chai & Who am I?


Shanyn is a  writer who believes that Chai is delicious
and just about the best thing in the entire world. She strives to write about things
that make her feel the way she does when she gets a sip of the spice-filled tonic.
Anything else is like, sigh.

 Shanyn has written for multiple online publications
including: FanBread, thegoodsmag, hobopancakes, DearVagina, and Blayze.

Shanyn is currently working on her first publication of a personal essay collective, California Burrito.

A few years spent writing in Los Angeles and San Diego, Shanyn is
now living in the up-and-coming trendy city of Austin, Texas where coffee shops flow like
tumbleweed and live music fills the air, literally everywhere.

Find out more about Shanyn on her personal website here.

Thank you for visiting SighChai.com,
– Chai Love You (is that too forward?)


To contact Shanyn for inquiries, friendship,
or general contracted gigs (social media, website content,
dating profiles, composed texts to your mom, etc) email shanynwright@gmail.com

You can also Follow Shanyn on Snapchat @whats_snapnyn
Do it for the Gram @InstaShanyn
Twitter @ShanynSays
LinkedIn @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/shanynwright

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